Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get Your Store Bonds Here!

For those of you just tuning in, I've created Store Bonds as a way of raising money now for the store I'm creating later.

How much later? As soon as I get enough money to do it. I'm raising money through the sale of Store Bonds, through regular investors who are loaning me money, and through the soon-to-be-announced Subscription Program.

But we're talking about Store Bonds today.

What are Store Bonds?

Sort of like a gift certificate, sort of like your bank's Christmas Club, sort of like a CSA (community supported agriculture), sort of like a Certificate of Deposit, sort of like a micro-loan...

Store Bonds are available NOW for you to purchase from me.

The above link will take you to Paypal. If you don't want to use Paypal, please email me at cheesesnobwendy at yahoo dot com and we will work out another arrangement.

They are available in increments of $9, and for every $9 you invest now, you get $10 in Store Bonds to be used at Curds & Whey, my soon-to-be shop selling cheese and tea. That's a pretty good interest rate, don't you think? Good luck finding that at the bank!

Whereas your American Dollars used to be backed up by gold, then silver - meaning you could bring a dollar to the bank and receive the equivalent amount in gold, then silver - now your Dollar is backed up by your faith in the US Government.

My Store Bonds are backed up by tea and cheese! Yes, you will be able to exchange your Store Bonds for the equivalent amount in tea and cheese.

Store Bonds benefit you and they benefit me. Like the CSA model, I'm getting the money I need now to start Curds & Whey. And you're getting more bang for your buck once they mature. (And they mature as soon as I set up shop.)

For now, I'm only keeping detailed records of who buys Store Bonds and in what increments, but in the near future I will issue actual paper Store Bonds. Because each Bond will have a discrete serial number, and will have a corresponding entry for it in my records, these Store Bonds can be sold, traded or given as gifts. Just like your US Dollars.

I intend to open a mail-order Curds & Whey until I have enough money to move to the brick-and-mortar storefront operation, which will be known as Curds & Whey Tea Cafe & Cheese Shop. I'm currently navigating the byzantine regulations of my home city; once I get my home certified and licensed by the Board of Health, and once I get enough money to buy a few supplies and inventory, the Curds & Whey shall begin!

That said, Store Bonds will be redeemable at both the mail-order concern and the physical storefront.

One of the things I like about Store Bonds is it enables those with lots of money to invest and those with not so much money to invest, to participate.

Don't think "Why even bother sending Wendy only $9? That won't help."
YES it will.

$9 will get you $10 in merchandise, and will buy me a brush to clean my knives and cutting board, AND a dish soap dispenser. Because of your $9, Curds & Whey can stay clean!

And what about $18? Well, that gets you $20 in merchandise, and gets me a pair of handles for the hand wire (used to cut soft cheeses) AND a tea scoop. It'll be hard to work without these things!

Are you up for $27, in exchange for $30 in cheese and tea? Thank you! That'll buy my shop a case of soy milk for those lactose-intolerant or vegan tea drinkers. I'm sure they are thanking you, too.

Have a spare $36? You'll get $40 in merchandise for that, and I'll get an entire case of twelve raffia mats to line my cheese display case. They look nice, are easy to keep clean, and make the cheese happy.

Does $45 work for you? I'll give you $50 in Store Bonds, and you'll give me the ability to purchase an entire case (250 bags in a case) of special bags in which I can sell - and protect - loose-leaf tea. Gotta have those.

So you get the idea, right?

Are you up for it? If so, go to my paypal account by clicking the big button below and get your very own Store Bonds!

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  1. I bought 3! This is a great deal: $10 in value for $9 in cash is an 11% return. If I cash the bonds in in three months, that's a 44% annual rate of return on my money! Beat that Bank of America!