Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moon Cheese On The Radio

Monday, June 1st, from noon-3pm (Eastern Time) I will be a guest on Maria's (fill-in) radio program on WFMU here in Jersey City, NJ. Maria's theme is "The Moon" and she's asked me to come on and talk about the different cheeses that make up the moon's surface and that they taste like, etc. This is not a joke.

Please tune in tomorrow to learn all about the moon in general, and its relationship to cheese specifically. I'm not sure what time Maria will have me on, but her show tends to be pretty darn excellent so I'm certain you'll enjoy the entire thing.

I can tell you for a fact we will have at least these two cheeses: Beecher's Flagship Reserve and Valle d'Aspe Chevre. There may be more. You will have to tune in and find out!

If you are in the general Hudson County, NJ/NYC area, tune in at 91.1 fm
If you in northern NJ or the Hudson Valley of NY, tune in at 90.1 fm
If you are unable to tune in on the radio, or you are elsewhere, go to

Monday, May 4, 2009

Picking The Brain Trust Again

Or, Here's Where I'm Stumped Yet Again!

So in trying to figure out my monthly profit-and-loss projections, I'm having a hell of a time inserting the utilities.

Obviously it all depends on where I'm at and what kind of heat the building uses, but I have absolutely NO concept whatsoever on how much my electric, gas, oil, etc. bills will be.

Water, either, although I bet tomorrow I can call the city and find out from them.

I need to find out about the trash collection, too, because I have a feeling the city collects it and I don't have to get a trash service.

I tried looking in a search engine for commercial compost collection but couldn't find anything useful. But I did find the US Composting Council and I sent them an email asking if they have a list of compost collectors. I would rather compost as much waste as possible and not add it to the landfill.

I wouldn't consider myself a rabid environmentalist but I make a conscious effort to recycle, reuse and generally avoid being a wasteful jerk. For instance, my business model includes using alternatives to plastic goods in my shop. Instead of plastic wrap, I'm using cellophane and cheese paper. My to-go cups and lids for cold drinks, my dixie cups and lids for to-go condiments and my to-go cutlery are make of some sort of biodegradable corn material that is plastic-like but is not petroleum-based. It will cost me a little more but I am creating my business model to incorporate these items. It's all built in to the price of each item.

Pay now or pay later, right?


Oh, and you might have noticed I put GIGANTIC pictures in today's post. I suddenly realized my blog was very text-heavy with NO graphics. As much as I luuurve reading The New Yorker, I don't need to emulate their style.

So Pictures! Pictures, everyone!

Friday, May 1, 2009

I've Been Workin' On The Railroad

All the live-long day.

Except it's not a railroad, it's my couch.

And I'm working on the profit and loss projections. Still! But I've been pulling a marathon session today, and I have made lots of progress. Whee!

I always knew I was detail oriented, but I'm learning that I can be that way regarding numbers, too. And allocations. I'm already learning a lot about running a business and I haven't even rented a space yet.