Monday, May 4, 2009

Picking The Brain Trust Again

Or, Here's Where I'm Stumped Yet Again!

So in trying to figure out my monthly profit-and-loss projections, I'm having a hell of a time inserting the utilities.

Obviously it all depends on where I'm at and what kind of heat the building uses, but I have absolutely NO concept whatsoever on how much my electric, gas, oil, etc. bills will be.

Water, either, although I bet tomorrow I can call the city and find out from them.

I need to find out about the trash collection, too, because I have a feeling the city collects it and I don't have to get a trash service.

I tried looking in a search engine for commercial compost collection but couldn't find anything useful. But I did find the US Composting Council and I sent them an email asking if they have a list of compost collectors. I would rather compost as much waste as possible and not add it to the landfill.

I wouldn't consider myself a rabid environmentalist but I make a conscious effort to recycle, reuse and generally avoid being a wasteful jerk. For instance, my business model includes using alternatives to plastic goods in my shop. Instead of plastic wrap, I'm using cellophane and cheese paper. My to-go cups and lids for cold drinks, my dixie cups and lids for to-go condiments and my to-go cutlery are make of some sort of biodegradable corn material that is plastic-like but is not petroleum-based. It will cost me a little more but I am creating my business model to incorporate these items. It's all built in to the price of each item.

Pay now or pay later, right?


Oh, and you might have noticed I put GIGANTIC pictures in today's post. I suddenly realized my blog was very text-heavy with NO graphics. As much as I luuurve reading The New Yorker, I don't need to emulate their style.

So Pictures! Pictures, everyone!

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