Thursday, December 17, 2009

Breaking News!!!

After working for many months doing research, writing the business plan, etc., I'm finally on my way to being in business.

I'm still finishing the business plan -- it is very close to being finished -- but in the meantime, I am finally able to offer a few fabulous ways for you and your friends to get some awesome cheese and tea picked out by your favorite Wendy!

Later today I'm going to post details on how you can purchase Cheese of the Month, Tea of the Month, and Cheese and Tea of the Month Subscriptions for you and your loved ones. Join the Cheese Club! Join the Tea Club! Join 'em both!

Just in time for Hanukkah and Christmas, I know!

To get ahead of the crowd, buy some Store Bonds now. YES, you can use them to join the Clubs.

YES you can give the Store Bonds as gifts**!
YES you can use them in the shop (when it opens)!
NO the Store Bonds never expire!
YES you'll save some money!

What are Store Bonds? They are gift certificates, but with added value. Store Bonds are purchased in increments of $9, but for every $9 you spend, you get $10 in merchandise!
How does it work? Buy a Store Bond for $9. When you go to redeem it in my shop, it's magically worth $10! And yes, you can use it to join the Clubs!
That means if you buy $90 in Store Bonds, you actually get $100 in cheese and tea. INCREDIBLE!

You want in?

Click on the thing and buy 'em through Paypal. If you would rather pay using a check or money order, please email me at and we'll work it out.

**If you are ordering Store Bonds as gifts, order by December 20 if you want us to mail the Bonds for Christmas delivery. If you order after that, we'll email your recipient by Christmas, but actual Christmas delivery cannot be guaranteed.

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